Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Episode 1

In the first episode of Kelly and Cat's podcast Alexia and Trevor (Cat's Boyfriend) guest star. This Podcast is just a test run with almost no stucture at all. Hope you enjoy!

Soon to come will be our movie reviews.

Click here:Episode 001

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Hello. Hello.

Hello one and all. My name is Kelly, and I will be writing the first official post on our blog. So me and cat did record our first podcast. It was terrible we did it three or four times and with no success we trashed it. The problem was we had no set topic so now we`re going to be discussing movies from now. Yes we shall be trash talking your and our favorite movies.

Supposedly right now our dear friend/producer/editor/manager/whatever you wanna call him, Alex is editing our podcast and then he will be putting it up on itunes for download. Crazy stuff kids. This podcast was a little crazy. Cat and Alexia(Alex) and Cat's boyfriend, Trevor, we`re all at my house. We talked about nothing basically and I fear the hatemail will be a comin' for me.

If alex didn't edit it out. I do believe I insulted all of the following: dykes, genderqueers, FTMs, MTFs, fags, lesbians, george bush, my mother, Alexia, Cat, and Trevor.

In my defense. I do have a bit of an odd, and demented sense of humor and I think all those people above, except for george bush, are the coolest people ever(and most of which are in my circle of friends). I just like to joke, tease, and insult. Please forgive me and keep listening.

Love, Kelly.

.p.s. You can reach us at kellyandcat@gmail.com or leave a comment here. If you do write to us, we will most likely respond on the next podcast.

Friday, May 11, 2007


we`re recording right now